"Intro to New Phases"

First and foremost this is a journal for me. Hopefully my transparency helps guide you in any area in your life.

I'm at a point in my life where I feel like it's a new chapter, a new phase. I was afraid of new beginnings because of the discomfort that comes with it, but with comfort sometimes comes stagnancy. Hell, sometimes discomfort comes from what we think is comfort. At this point in my life I felt like I had been promoting a brand without practicing what I'd preach. Here I was judging others because  I was unhappy with my surroundings. I wasn't happy with what I allowed and the choices I've made. Who am I to ask who are you? 

Last March *2023* I decided to take a break from the brand during Ramadan to get closer to Allah. This isn't to promote religion or anything, just stating my process. I also had a newborn daughter and it was more important to me to get closer to Allah and form a bond with my child. The Most High revealed so much. Discrepancies in relationships, flaws within myself and my way of thinking, discomfort, pain, and anything else you could think of. At the time I didn't know but this felt life changing after. 

I had to remove anything that didn't suit my future. Being a father and a business owner, my word had to be kept. I had to "stand on business" LOL. That means even when its time to bulls*t myself, knowing to have the discipline to do what's "right" even though that's subjective. 

For so long I felt like I had it all figured out but I realized I'm just a lost owl. Doesn't matter how much I think I know or how wise I think I am, I still need guidance to maneuver through the darkness.


I'm an open book and if you ever have any questions or need an outlet please contact me directly on instagram.com/alo.cuzzi.


Thank you for reading. 

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