"In The Woods" Blog

"The Beginning"

"Who Are You?" was originally founded in 2017 by Cuzzi Smith. At that time, Cuzzi was at a crucial point in his life where he felt he had reached a crossroads, experiencing more lows than highs. As a creative individual, he wanted a platform to articulate his thoughts and ideas about his journey of self-discovery. It took Cuzzi seven years to find the answer to the question posed by "Who Are You?".

Cuzzi, drawn to owls as symbols of wisdom and solitude, discovered similarities between himself and these creatures. Like an owl navigating through darkness, Cuzzi believed he could draw parallels between the owl's life and his own. However, during his exploration, Cuzzi realized he had asked the question but never provided his own answer. Seeking guidance, he took a break during Ramadan 2023 to connect with a the Most High.

After a year of introspection, Cuzzi felt he had gained a deeper understanding of himself as " A Lost Owl". Recognizing the wisdom in seeking guidance, he decided to rebrand "Who Are You?" to focus on his current journey. "A Lost Owl" now represents Cuzzi's response to the question that had eluded him for years. Although he felt like he was wise, life has shown him that even the wise need guidance.

Welcome to A Lost Owl.